9 ‘Interstellar’ Plot Points That Made Absolutely No Sense


As a sci-fi fan I’m willing to suspend a reasonable amount of disbelief for a good movie, but there were a few things in Interstellar that even I had trouble accepting. WARNING: Spoilers ahead…

  1. “My Father was a farmer, like everyone else back then…” Correct me if I’m wrong, but if crops aren’t growing and farms are dying out, there should be fewer farmers, right?
  1. While McConaughey and co are discussing how to visit a planet close to a black hole, was anyone else wondering why they would want to settle on a planet, which would more than likely be swallowed up by the black hole after a few generations?
  1. And then the team of astronauts proceed to orbit said black hole without any risk of being sucked in. What? Everyone knows that’s only possible in Doctor Who.
  1. Love is the most powerful force in the universe? Nice sentiment. Totally insane.
  1. After Matt Damon proves he’s literally the worst person EVER, he apparently blows up the team’s spaceship by ‘bumping it’ the wrong way. NASA might want to ask for a refund in that case.
  1. Then McConaughey somehow manages to reconnect with the partly destroyed, spinning spaceship by just, spinning in the same direction. Hathaway: “It’s not possible.” McConaughey: “No, it’s necessary.” Actually Matthew, she’s right.
  1. Also, ejecting yourself into space is a really good idea. Especially when you conveniently get picked up by a floating time travel space maze. Yeah, ok…
  1. While McConaughey is floating around the time travel maze sending messages to his daughter he’s expecting different results. For her to convince past-him to stay at home and then what? He’ll suddenly not be in space anymore?
  1. McConaughey being rescued. I just… I don’t even get how this happened. How did they find him? Why is he still alive? Why is his daughter even older yet conveniently still alive? Why does he think he’ll reach the new planet before the Cooper space station?

So many questions. Does anyone have Christopher Nolan’s number?


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