Daisy Ridley: What You Need To Know


1. She was one of the 13 cast members officially announced to appear in the new Star Wars movie. Well duh.

2. Her IMDb account is virtually empty. Seriously, it doesn’t even have a profile picture…

3. Her IMDb and newly set up Wikipedia accounts may be sparse but she does have a profile on her talent agency’s website.

4. Her first film appearance will actually be in The Inbetweeners 2 out on 6 August (see the first teaser trailer here).

5. Her acting career so far is made up of appearances in Casualty, Youngers, Mr Selfridge and Silent Witness.

6. There’s been talk she will be playing Han Solo and Princess Leia’s daughter Jaina Solo, after a cast picture was released of her sitting between Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher.


7. She’s British. Whoop!

8. She used to be an avid Twitter user under @daisyjazz but set up a new account under @DaisyRidley after the Star Wars announcement. Unfortunately her tweets have now be protected.

9. You can see her in action in short film Blue Season as part of SCI-FI-LONDON’s 48 hour film challenge.


10. Talent obviously runs in the family as her younger sister Kika Rose is a model with Model 1.

11. She’s also an awesome jazz singer. Yes, really.

12. For some reason no one seems to know her exact age.

It seems the newest Star Wars actress is set to remain a mystery. For the time being at least…


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