5 Movie Trailer Mistakes Only Film Fans Will Understand

All film fans love trailers (obviously!) but there are certain pitfalls to avoid when giving a first glimpse of your movie. Trailers can either tempt or discourage us from seeing a film, so pay attention movie-makers, because these are the 5 movie trailer mistakes you don’t want to make.

1. Don’t Give Too Much Away

One of the biggest movie trailer mistakes made is giving away too much of the film before people have even got into the cinema. This can happen by either having so much promo material released that audiences get over-saturated (X-Men: Days Of Future Past), actually spelling out the whole predictable storyline (The Other Woman) or showing one of the most anticipated moments from the film (Carrie). Save something for the actual movie please!


2. Don’t Mislead Your Audience

Misleading film fans with your trailer is a risky move. When audiences saw 1996’s Scream for the first time they were shocked to find that Drew Barrymore was killed off in the first 10 minutes as she was billed as one of the main characters. It’s definitely a great way of keeping your audience guessing but there’s a thin line between treating film fans to a few surprises and misleading them to the point where they think they’re seeing a completely different film.


3. Don’t Show All The Best Bits

Probably one of the most obvious movie trailer mistakes is giving away all the best bits before fans have even made it to the cinema. Sure it can make your movie look good but boy are we mad when we go to the cinema and realise all the funny/scariest/best bits were in the trailer, and they don’t even have the same effect now we’ve already seen them. The latest culprit is Nicholas Stoller’s Bad Neighbours starring Zac Efron and Seth Rogen.


4. Don’t Show Only Action Shots

Too much dialogue can bog a trailer down but you don’t want to fall into the opposite trap of showing nothing but action shots without at least a hint of a storyline. There’s only so many explosions we can sit through before we’re bored, and you don’t want audiences to realise they have no idea what the movie is about as soon as it finishes. Was I the only one who had no idea what Battleship was going for from the trailer, and no desire to find out in the cinema?


5. Don’t Add A Cheesy Voice Over

Want to ruin an otherwise good trailer? Just add a cheesy voice over. Usually unnecessary and distracting, having a fake American voice narrate what’s going on adds nothing to trailers. Granted the voice over isn’t the worst thing about the trailer for Adam Sandler’s Jack And Jill (or even the film itself) but it’s a good example of a cringe-inducing voice over. Just don’t do it!


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