Trailer: ‘The Other Woman’


The trailer for chick flick The Other Woman has appeared online and despite the predictable storyline it looks fun and full of laughs.

Cameron Diaz plays a strong female lawyer who finds out the guy she’s dating (Game Of Thrones‘ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) is married to Leslie Mann. After bonding over a glass of wine and finding the other other woman, Kate Upton, the three women come up with Plan: Destroy Man.

Throw in a cameo by Nicki Minaj and a trailer that gives almost everything away, and it sounds like the most unexciting film of the year but I’ll admit I still want to see it.

Yes, it’s probably awful but yes, we’ll probably love it, so watch the trailer below and decide for yourself.

The Other Woman hits UK cinemas on the 23th April 2014.


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